Introduction to the Zenfolio API

This help section is dedicated to the Zenfolio API. The Zenfolio API makes available to outside developers the same features and functionality of the Zenfolio platform used internally for our own development. The Zenfolio API is platform-independent and is based on open standards. It can be used from any programming language on any platform as long as it supports sending and receiving HTTP requests.

You can use the Zenfolio API to implement virtually any application that uses Zenfolio as a service. Think of photo browsers, plug-ins to image editing applications, synchronization utilities, screensavers, OS shell integration, and many other useful tools. If you can think of it, chances are, someone will find it useful.

The Zenfolio API Help consists of three major sections. The Guide section presents a high-level API overview, and then dives into more specific topics such as the Zenfolio object model and access control. We recommend you read this entire section to understand the concepts on which the Zenfolio API operates.

The Examples section contains sample applications created to illustrate the use of the Zenfolio API. There, you will find the Zenfolio Browser, which demonstrates browsing through user photos, the Zenfolio Downloader, which can batch download photos from a user account, and the Zenfolio Uploader, which demonstrates uploading a photo.

Finally, the Reference section provides a comprehensive reference to all the Zenfolio API methods and data structures.

If you need additional assistance with the Zenfolio API, do not hesitate to Contact Us.